Project Description

TYCO EMEA Office Branding

Location: One Albert’s Quay, Cork City

TYCO is the world’s largest dedicated fire protection and security company. We worked as a seamless partner of the architectural and project management team for their new global headquarters, to create an engaging office branding scheme aimed at attracting and retaining a top talent pool, as well as enhancing brand engagement with their customers.

Transparency and light was at the core of the experiential design scheme over three levels of meeting rooms, open and collaborative spaces, all connected by a glazed open stairs to a cafe on the third floor. The design was to be invigorating and inspiring and communicate connectivity and a culture of innovation. Our work included the naming, branding of the third floor coffee dock and restaurant.

The theme of the TYCO office branding scheme was ‘game changers’ – profiles of modern and historical game changes were created for each floor, together with typographic quotes for meeting rooms.

Copper Reed TYCO Office Branding Glazing Graphics
Copper Reed TYCO Office Branding Glass Manifestation Graphics
Copper Reed TYCO Office Branding Glass Design
Copper Reed TYCO Office Branded Graphics
Copper Reed TYCO Canteen Branded Graphics
Copper Reed TYCO Canteen Graphics
Copper Reed TYCO Office Branding Glass Graphics
Copper Reed TYCO Office Branding Wall Graphics
Copper Reed TYCO Office Branding Quotation Graphics
Copper Reed TYCO Office Branding Design

“We found Copper Reed’s designs to be very progressive, innovative and in keeping with Tyco’s vision for OneAlbertQuay. The time spent on creating the vision was valuable and the finished product is reflective of that vision. The restaurant area gives a unique feel and ties in aesthetically with the architects design for this area. Copper Reed’s professionalism and attention to detail created an excellent working relationship between Tyco and Copper Reed.

To us, our graphical elements located throughout the building have proved just as important as the structural elements of the building. This has added an additional aesthetic layer to our overall office environment and we have received a lot of positive feedback since opening in Feb 2016.

As Ireland’s smartest building, it was important to incorporate Tyco products into the design, which Copper Reed have executed to perfection. As this is a corporate office environment it was crucial that the design features were subtle and not overpowering, which was accomplished in CopperReed’s design for Tyco’s new global HQ in Cork City.”

James Murphy, Project Manager

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